Vincent Van Gogh Out With Me

Hey there beautiful souls!

I don’t know about you but I love brunch dates. It doesn’t matter if you’re out with your best friends or your boyfriend, you have a perfect excuse to dress up in a cute outfit! Let your imagination into the world of flowers, patterns, crop tops, high wasted shorts and neon colours. This summer’s trends make me so happy. I’m a fan of vintage and the fact that so many 50s and 60s trends are back in style makes my inner hippie content with fashion. My collection of vintage dresses is rapidly expending and extra closet is definitely a must.
This past weekend me and my boyfriend, Mack, decided to check out a breakfast place in Kingston, ON called Eggsquis. It’s somewhat similar to Cora’s but 100 times better tasting. The place has locations all over Ontario and Quebec and offers the finest options in crepes, waffles, omelettes, yogurts, French toast, bagels, freshly squeezed juices, eggs, bacon and sandwiches (all that with delicious fresh fruit and veggies). When we got there Saturday morning the place was packed! However we only waited for about 5 min and got a cute table by the window. We got offered coffee right away. I don’t drink coffee and neither does Mack but I found it a nice gesture.

Trying to decide what to order was way too difficult due to the wide variety of delicious breakfast foods. Finally I ordered a BOB #4 (a bit of both) that included two eggs, choice of meat (I went with bacon!) and spinach and cheese crepe. It also came with French toast and some fruit on the side. The eggs were done “sunny side up” to perfection; the crepe was just the right amount of cheesy; the French toast and fruit were great and the whole meal was absolutely delectable.


I ordered the juice of the day as well, which was raspberry, orange and banana juice. That juice left my taste buds speechless. I could literally taste the fresh fruit and drank the juice within minutes of getting it. Definitely ordering it again next time I’m at Eggsquis.


Mack ordered duchess crepes, which is an order of three crepes with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and bananas. He also got buckwheat crepes instead of plain ones (perfect substitute for those of you who prefer to stay gluten free). They were served with syrup, and he got cottage cheese on the side. Cottage cheese was an ultimate topping and along with syrup created an unforgettable taste.


Prices range from $10-15 for fairly big meals; brunch is also offered. Safe to say we both enjoyed our breakfast and are definitely planning on coming back!

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It was quite a hot sunny day so I decided to go with an equally sunny outfit! Here’s what I pulled out of my closet:

Top – Ardene

Skirt – U2B

Necklace – Claire’s

Sunglasses – Aeropostale

Shoes – Indigo by Clarks


Bright colours are just what you need this summer and don’t be afraid of whites, they make you look tan. For make up I used Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and the lip plumper that came along with it! If you want to see the finished look follow the link on my page for my Instagram!




Fluorescent Adolescent


If you recognized the title of my post, congratulations, we can be best friends! If you didn’t keep reading cause I’m about to introduce you to one of the greatest indie rock bands. Florescent adolescent is one of my favorite songs from the album Favorite Worst Nightmare by Arctic Monkeys. I’m absolutely in love with them and their music is orgasm to my ears. It’s extremely hard to compare them to any rock band I’ve heard of before as they try something different in each one of their albums, from psychedelic to hip-hop influenced rock. Every song has a story and literally turns you inside out. The feelings I get listening to Arctic Monkeys are unutterable. I STRONGLY recommend to check them out if you haven’t heard any of their songs. If you listen to them please leave comments with your favorite songs! The most exciting thing is the fact that I’m going to see them live in Toronto in a couple weeks! I’m honestly freaking out and might have a meltdown during the concert (not even kidding!). Their most recent album AM is amazing and I can’t go a day without listening to it! If I had to pick top 3 favorite songs they would be R U Mine, Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? and Stop the World I Wanna Get Off With You. All the songs in that album are mesmerizing and I can guarantee you will fall in love with them and the band (or your time back, jk my time machine is currently in repair). Counting down the days till I get to see Alex Turner cause I’m in love with his voice.

As a music junkie I’m constantly searching for new bands to listen to and looking for local concerts to go to. Today I got to attend this very low key concert for the band Crosss, at the Artel in Kingston, ON, which is where I’m residing for the summer. The Artel is a live-in artist-run gallery and venue. It was my first time being there and the atmosphere is pretty “house party” relaxed. There was art on the walls, that apparently changes every week and a small stage. The band that opened for Crosss was called Amphetamines, and let’s just say me not enjoying them would be an understatement. The members of the band seemed to have some talent but unfortunately couldn’t combine it together to make it sound good. As for the genre I would say it was a mix between psychedelic rock and screamo. Interesting is one word to describe their performance. Despite the fact that my experience with them was horrible I couldn’t wait to see Crosss on stage. I only checked out couple of their songs before the concert and they sounded pretty sweet. Crosss went beyond my expectations and made my night. They were so passionate performing and you could see them putting every piece of their soul into their music. They played post-punk and psychedelic rock and reminded me or Nirvana, whom I love to death. Give Crosss a shot cause I’m more than happy that I did!

Finally, I wanted to share the outfit I wore to the concert. Since it was about to listen to some alternative rock I decided to go with a “grunge” look. Here’s what I put together:

Top: Aeropostale

Plaid shirt (stolen from my boyfriend): Gap

Leggins: Eclipse

Necklace: Agent 99 (local Kingston store)

Shoes: Steve Madden


Pretty simple huh? I finished off my look with some darker shades of eyeshadow from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and Sephora metallic glow lip shine. If you would like to see a picture of the full outfit check out my instagram (follow the link on my page)!





Conquering the Art of Blogging

After about 2 years of procrastination I finally decided to make a blog. There’s no particular reason why I wanted one besides the fact that I enjoy writing and expressing my weird filled with wit and sass thoughts for everyone to know. Twitter was definitely helping but unfortunately my friends weren’t cutting it (sorry dolls). However, just an idea of strangers reading all the nonsense that goes through my head every day made me exhilarated. Let’s just say I talk a lot, as in I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when I need too. I always have to put my 5 cents in and cross the line in attempt to annoy people. To be honest at this point I can’t help it so making a blog was definitely appropriate. What I didn’t realize is that coming up with an original blog name is a pain in the ass! I literally spent all day wandering World Wide Web and torturing my imagination, and here we are. You’re probably asking yourself what the fuck does hullabaloo mean? And nope it’s not affiliated with that old American musical TV series. Hullabaloo simply means great noise or excitement; uproar or chaos, which is exactly what my mind is 24/7.

You’re might be wondering what this blog is going to be about and I’m in the same boat. The only thing I can let you know for sure right now is get ready for a daily dose of sass! Honesty is the best policy, and I lost discretion somewhere on bitch island. My hobbies include chirping my friends, discovering new music and hopping on that booty. If you haven’t noticed yet sarcasm and sass are my two best friends and they’re stuck to me like glue. I’m someone who you’d call gourmet, epicure or simply food enthusiast. Nothing is finer than well made food. Also if I could marry chocolate cheesecake I would but unfortunately I usually eat it under 30 seconds or less (I’m head over heels for it). Fashion is captivating, and I have a habit of being fashionably (not) late. Fitness = euphoria; literally though you’ve got to get that serotonin! Red Hot Chili Peppers are the soundtrack to my life, and when I grow up I want to be a mix between Beyoncé, Audrey Hepburn and Jennifer Lawrence.

Was that an introduction? Don’t ask me but stick around for some quirky posts about all the hullabaloo happening in my life! If you love dessert, obsessed with fitness, have crazy music taste, consider yourself fluent in sarcasm and have anger management issues (just kitten!) I’m expecting you back.

PS. Almost forgot! My name is Kate, short for Yekaterina but people like to call me Kat, Katya, Katelicious, Katie or Kathryn (the last two are used to irritate me and are strongly discouraged to use).