Sweet Tooth Adventures


The key to my heart appears in form of a dessert; cheesecake, chocolate, ice cream or basically anything sweet. My sweet tooth is a permanent condition that’s impossible to get rid off (which is why I have 4 different types of ice cream in my freezer right now; don’t judge please). I’ve been trying to eat healthier but giving up dessert is not acceptable.

My Saturdays (I call them cheat days) are dedicated to junk food, which is why I allowed myself to go out to one of my favourite dessert places in Kingston, ON, Spin Dessert Cafe. It serves everything from cakes and ice cream to crepes and waffles.

Today I went with a really sweet desert called, Peanut Butter Dream cheesecake, served with vanilla ice cream (I asked to substitute it for chocolate ice cream instead). It’s described as “white chocolate peanut butter cheesecake loaded with Reese’s peanut butter cup pieces.” I enjoy good cheesecake but even for me this was a little too sugary. The cheesecake itself was exceptional with reach creamy peanut butter taste but combined with Reese’s pieces and very think icing was a little over the top with sweetness. I still enjoyed it but unfortunately struggled with finishing this piece by myself. Definitely need someone to split this piece of art with for the next time!



My friend, Jen, got Apple Crumble Pie, which was “loaded with fresh apples and topped with a buttery apple crumble” and served with vanilla ice cream. She really liked it and commented on it not being as sweet as the cheesecakes at Spin Dessert Cafe. Something I’m thinking of trying in the near future!


Overall, great dessert choices and wonderful service! My goal this year is to try all the desserts at Spin Dessert Cafe (and gain about 50 pounds). Dessert and breakfast foods prices range from $10-15 dollars. They also have ice cream and speciality drinks on the menu. Spin dessert cafe has locations all over GTA and Southern Ontario Area so give it a shot!

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